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Quality of Care:

User Safety, Comfort & Dignity

User safety is another aspect of modern lift, positioning and transfer solutions. When it comes to being safe and feeling safe, the ceiling lift is experienced quite differently by the user than the traditional floor lift:

  • Floor lift users feel every bump along the way during transfer. The experience can be painful and alarming. A ceiling lift transfer is perfectly smooth.
  • Floor lifts are unstable at least psychologically. Instability increases with client disorientation or uncooperativeness, client weight or involuntary muscle movement. Ceiling lifts overcome psychological instability being integrated into the building structure.
  • Floor lift operation look down at the user. The ceiling lift user can be at eye level for reassuring person-to-person contact throughout handling.
  • Caregivers operating floor lifts need to stay focused on maneuvering and steadying the equipment more than on the user. Hands and minds of ceiling lift operators are free to attend to the user.
  • The client in a floor lift environment needs to be manually shifted into the desired final posture. There is no “dragging and tugging” with ceiling lifts.
  • It is not possible to achieve independence in a floor lift. Some users are able to become as self-mobile in a ceiling lift as in a wheelchair.



``We were very happy with both the quality and timeliness of AccessQuip’s work. We received just that we needed when we needed it. We would not hesitate to recommend AccessQuip to our best friends and family. In addition to their work, we would trust Chris to work in our home, even if we were not present. We recommend them without hesitation.``Ken & Jill, homeowners