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Lift and transfer in special environments

Typically, ceiling lifts serve the needs of healthcare institutions and home care users. However, the capability of ceiling lifts to go from any point to any other point, wherever track is installed, has resulted in many unique applications.


  • Changing rooms and pools in recreation centers. The lifts are low-cost compared with stainless steel pool gantries. Continuous track minimizes the number of transfers and addresses the problems posed by slippery floors. Universal-fit slings prevent drowning and meet the client size requirements
  • Rehabilitation centers. Ceiling lifts are equipped with walking slings and allow for independent exercising at the parallel bars. The walking sling functions as a safety harness and frees up physiotherapists to work with more involved clients. Floor lifts do not have the vertical reach or stability for this application.
  • Snoezelen rooms. Snoezelen rooms are used to provide visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory stimulation to deaf and blind children, elderly clients with senile dementia, autistic children, Alzheimer’s patients and others with profound and multiple handicaps. Ceiling lifts are ideal for transferring clients around the soft rooms and multi-sensory stimuli of a snoezelen environment.
  • Equestrian centers. Ceiling lifts are used to lift clients from the ramp (inaccessible to floor lifts) onto a horse. The task is accomplished quickly and quietly without alarming the animal.
  • Farm machinery. Retractable track mounted on the roof of the cab of a harvest- combine enables a wheelchair bound farmer to transfer himself into his place of work.
  • Dental clinics. Ceiling lifts can be used for wheelchair-to-dental chair transfers.
  • Schools. There are ceiling lifts in classrooms and play areas in designated schools.
  • Boathouses.
  • Workplaces.
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