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About AccessQuip LLC

AccessQuip was established in 2006 and is owned and operated by Chris Ray. We apply our years of experience in the healthcare / accessibility industry to make residential and commercial environments, accessible and safe for those with mobility limitations.

We provide services to the elderly and disabled to help them overcome barriers that keep them from living their daily lives in freedom. For example, we build ramps for those unable to traverse a set of steps outside and install stair lifts for those unable to climb a set of stairs inside. Other offerings include porch lifts, ceiling lifts, automatic door closers, door widening, complete bathroom modifications, walk-in tubs, roll-in/walk-in showers, and comfort height toilets. We also provide other specialty medical equipment.

AccessQuip is a State of Ohio Wavier provider for both I/O and Level One



``We were very happy with both the quality and timeliness of AccessQuip’s work. We received just that we needed when we needed it. We would not hesitate to recommend AccessQuip to our best friends and family. In addition to their work, we would trust Chris to work in our home, even if we were not present. We recommend them without hesitation.``Ken & Jill, homeowners